Spiderman Iphone 5 Case
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60.7 x 9.2 x 125.8 мм
by FormByte

Spiderman Iphone 5 Case , suit up your Iphone in this superhero gadget. Nice accessories for fans of Marvel's Spiderman. Order now! Peter Parker's got one already :)
The design has been prototyped and physically tested to guarantee your Iphone comfortably fitted in the 3d printed case.

The design and its 3d model are intellectual properties of FORMBYTE.
Please do not resell the 3d model or share it publicly under any kind of distribution.
Anyone who uses this design or its 3d model for commercial purposes should contact FORMBYTE in order to negotiate terms of use.

Полиамид белый
Полиамид белый Белый или цветной крепкий материал, обладает хорошей гибкостью.
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