3d Printable Escalator sign STL OBJ
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145.2 x 20.0 x 72.7 мм
by sidnaique

This is a printable/3d print ready escalator sign with text 'Escalator' for mall, airport, multiplex,etc.

Hollow model to keep the printing cost low, completely watertight mesh, no pseudo surfaces, minimum wall thickness >1.0mm, checked with netfabb studio.

You get exactly what you see in the images.

This is a 12 inch version, please contact for more sizes.

Dimensions: 12.0 w x 1.7 d x 6.0 h inches

Vol: 246.22 cm³

Please visit my profile for other printable signs and figurines/sculptures.


Note: 1. Bolts are not included

Полиамид белый
Полиамид белый Белый или цветной крепкий материал, обладает хорошей гибкостью.
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