To make 3D printing more available Prototypster offers you an impressive set of solutions, beyond which something more than just 3D printing stands.

Realizing your ideas together with Prototypster, you get such advantages as:

Easy mastering of 3D modeling

Apps for making a model help beginners to take the first steps in 3D modeling and provide new options to professionals in area of three-dimensional graphics.

Interactivity of preparing a 3D model

Online testing of a model allows you to setup, adjust and analyze model design taking into account all the necessary parameters (size, shape, material, and color) in real-time.

Perfect quality of 3D printing

Cutting-edge equipment and first-class materials ensure accurate and high-standard production of your 3D model. With help of 3D printers of leading manufacturers, such as EOS, Stratasys, 3D Systems and materials that are presented in a wide range of choice starting with polyamide and up to photopolymer, we breathe new life into your project.

High efficiency of model postprocessing

Additional treatment of a printed model (optional, in the case of necessity) helps to put the finishing touches to your model and bring it to the perfection.

Opportunity to introduce and sell the result of your creative work

Gallery of the designers’ works and their online sale on will be a good way to promote your talent and get a convenient area, where you can share your ideas and get reward.

If you have an idea of the product and you are looking for the business partner to help you develop and manufacture it, get in touch with us. We are always open to new offers and happy to have a new collaboration!

Prototypster emphasizes each person’s individuality. We suppose that it is important for keen creative fellows to find new opportunities for self-expression in modern world of typical solutions and common standards.

Breathtaking prospects open up before our eyes with the advent of 3D printing. All that earlier required huge timetable, unique specialists and boiled down to process flow, becomes closer and more available today. Prototypster makes everything to make 3D printing technologies available to everyone. We want to share with you an opportunity to create and change the world around adding into it incredible things.

Choosing Prototypster, you get an exclusive tool to work on your ideas. Now it is possible to create 3D models, modify them, send to print and sell in real-time. We guarantee reliability and great quality, which are based on the cutting-edge technologies and high professionalism of our team.