• Common Questions

    What is 3D printing?

    3D printing is a process of creation three-dimensional objects from a digital layout (a file that consists of model 3D image). When uploading a file on a printer the file is processed in a special way, software divides the 3D model into the layers and then a layerwise printing using particular materials takes place. 3D printing is the best choice for everyone, who is interested in making unique objects or producing small series of goods.


    Initially, 3D printing was used to manufacture concept-layouts and visual models of consumer goods. Nowadays, it is also used to create designer jewelry and accessories, architectural layouts, toys and interior details.


    Today there is a number of 3D printing technologies such as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), laser sintering, stereolithography, Polyjet etc. All of them have their peculiarities.

    Do other users have access to my files?

    Your files are not available to other users.

    What models are prohibited to be printed?

    Prototypster reserves the right to reject 3D printing of models that are pirated and relates to infringement of copyright (including trademark copyright, patent rights).

  • 3D Design

    What software programs can you recommend to use for 3D modeling?

    To develop your own 3D models, you can use several software products:

    • AutoDesk 123
    • Sculpteo
    • Blender
    • TinkerCAD

    Detailed information about the recommended programs you can find on the website http://prototypster.ru/software/

    What file formats can be used for uploading?

    Our service supports a wide range of formats. Below is athe list of file formats that can be uploaded and some of their features:

    • STL — geometry,
    • PLY, VRML2/97, OBJ, 3DS — geometry and color.

    We advise you to export a 3D file from the software in one of the supported formats.

    What errors can models contain?

    Today a vast number of software programs for 3D modeling is oriented to creation models for rendering and animation. In the majority of cases, an object can be not solid-state and represent only surfaces. It is impossible for a model meant for 3D printing. Our software will try to correct such a mistake automatically. However, some of the questions require manual regulation by designers.

    If you would like to order a model, but you do not know how to improve it, we can help you. For this purpose, please, send us your model with the description at mail@prototypster.ru.

    Besides, it is better to take into account some technological characteristics that should be considered during the process of model creation.

    Thin walls (minute details)

    Minimum thickness of a model is defined as a minimum distance between any two outer surfaces of an object and depends on material that is chosen.

    • Polyamide — minimum thickness is 0.8 mm;
    • Material based on gypsum (multicolor) — minimum thickness is 2 mm;
    • Photopolymer — minimum thickness is 0.8 mm.

    If a model consists of walls (details) with thickness less than allowed, there is a high probability that the model will be printed incorrectly.

    Complex composite model: clearance between two objects

    If your model includes several details that located very close to each other or have clearance, you should pay attention to the distance between the details. With the distance less than 1mm there is a high probability that parts of the model will accrete in the process of printing.

    Hollow model

    Support material is used for 3D printing, which is necessary to keep geometry of a model in the production process. After the model is done, support material must be removed, that is why you should provide an additional space for its removal.

    If you would like to order a model, but you do not know how to improve it, we can help you. For this purpose, please, send us a letter with the problem statement at mail@prototypster.ru.

  • Materials and Technologies

    What is the maximum size of a model you can print?

    Maximum size and minimum thickness of walls depend on chosen technology and material:

    • Formiga P100 EOS: 190×240×300 mm — minimum thickness is 0.8 mm.
    • ZPrinter 650 по ZCorp: 250×380×200 mm — minimum thickness is 2 mm.
    • Objet: 250×250×200 mm — minimum thickness is 0.8 mm.
    Can I create colored models?

    Yes, you can. We accomplish 3D printing of colored objects. To do it you have to upload or send us a file (an archive with several files), which includes color parameters.

    What materials are used for production of 3D models?

    Photopolymer (Objet), polyamide (EOS) and material based on gypsum (Z Printer 650). Choice of material depends on a model properties and requirements to it mechanical features.

    Can I combine all my models into one file?

    We do not recommend you to put all the models into one file. There are no problems with file saving or location of two models straight in the process of modeling. However, you should consider some of the restrictions for 3D printing:

    • close disposition: if two models are located too close to each other, there is a high probability that they will accrete during printing process.
    • remote disposition: this parameter will influence the quantity of used material and then the final price of the model in some cases.
  • Website

    What maximum size of a file to upload?

    Maximum size of the uploaded file is 30 Mb.

    How can I find out a price for my model production?

    To find out the price it is necessary to upload file and determine printing parameters (material, model size). If evaluation does not come to be automatically, it is possible that your model contains mistakes.

    Please, refer to the corresponding section of the website or send us the file at mail@prototypster.ru.

    Can I adjust parameters of my model printing?

    Yes, you will have an opportunity to fix some parameters of printing. When uploading the file it is necessary to choose material for printing, color, size and the quantity of models.

    What should I do if I cannot upload my model?

    If you cannot upload a model, please, send us a file for testing and evaluation at mail@prototypster.ru.

  • Payment and Shipping

    How is the price of my model calculated?

    The final price of a model depends on several criteria:

    • Actual quantity of material that is used for production of a model;
    • Additional treatment of a surface (grinding, painting);
    • Packing of a model for shipping;
    • The price is calculated automatically. Shipping costs are not included and should be calculated separately.

    The price comprises fixed cost of model treatment and material price (price per 1cm3 multiplied by model volume).

    For example, for the model made of white polyamide:

    Price = 220 RUB + 138 RUB/cm³ * V(model volume, cm³)

    Can I get a discount for a model production?

    Yes, if you order a production of the model batch, you can get a discount:

    • 5 — 10 models: 5% discount
    • 10 — 50 models: 10% discount
    • 50 — 100 models: 20% discount
    How long does it take to execute an order?

    The lead time is 10 workdays in general. It is tentative time, which can be revised for every individual order (term of shipping does not included).

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    It is possible to pay for an order as stated below:


    • Yandex.Money. Payments are processed online, additional fee is not collected.
    • WebMoney. R-Purses of WebMoney are approved for payment (data input of the R-purse should be implemented at the website of the payment system). Transaction and identification of payments are carried out within 1 workday.

    Banking cards

    It is possible to pay for a purchase by banking cards Visa or MasterCard via Alfa-Bank payment system. Term and identification of payments: 2-3 working days.

    Bank transfer

    By transfer from any bank (including users of online banking). Term and identification of payments: 1-2 working days.

    QIWI Terminals

    When ordering in e-shop it is necessary to choose a method of payment «Personal account QIWI» and indicate personal phone number at the end. Then you can find a QIWI terminal (it is over 75 000 in the Russian Federation), login there in the section «Personal account» with your phone number and password.

    There will be a service bill in personal account that is required to be paid in cash. Having questions about the payment, call: +7 (383) 310-45-40.

    How can I pay for an order by card?

    Payment by a banking card is implemented via Alfa-Bank.

    Payment is allowed without a fee. Outgoings are realized by money transfer from banking cards VISA and MASTER CARD at availability of online payment option provided by your Bank that issued the card.

    Consult your bank to learn how to make online payments by your banking card.


    Online payment service is implemented in accordance with the Rules of International Payment Systems based on maintenance of confidentiality and security of payments. Advanced methods of control, encoding and data transmission over the closed communication channel are used to guarantee last two principles.

    Data input takes place at a secure web page of a partner bank.

    Our partner bank is Alfa-Bank.

    For the correct input, it is essential to enter data carefully in accordance with a sequence of numbers and letters on your banking card. Important data:

    • owner of the card (generally, it is named in English in capital letters on a card face; for instance, IVANOV IVAN);
    • card number (usually, it is indicated on a card face and consists of 16 numbers; for example: 0123 4567 8901 2345);
    • validation term (generally, it is situated on a card face as a month and a year when a card will be expired; for instance, 12 for a month and 13 for a year — it means that card is valid through December 2013);
    • CVV2 or CVC2 code (usually, it is mentioned on a card back and consists of 3 numbers; for example, 123).
    Why is the payment by a banking card not implemented?

    Payment can fail if:

    • banking card is not suitable for online payments (you can consult your bank);
    • invalid data of the banking card (check it once more);
    • the term of banking card expired (generally, it is situated on a card face as a month and a year when a card will be expired);
    • there are not enough money on the card (consult your bank);
    • the limit of operations for the day exceeded (limit sum is determined by the bank).

    Having questions about the payment with banking card, call: +7 (383) 310-45-40.

    Is it safe to pay for an order using a banking card?

    Service of online payment is implemented in accordance with the Rules of International Payment Systems based on maintenance of confidentiality and security of payments. Advanced methods of control, encoding and data transmission over the closed communication channel are used to guarantee last two principles.

    Payment with e-money is carried out by redirection to the website of the system for e-payments Assist (www.assist.ru). Payment by banking cards is carried out on the website of the partner bank (OAO «Alfa-bank»).

    E-payments system

    In the system ASSIST security of payments is provided by using SSL protocol for transmission of confidential information from a client to the server of the system ASSIST for additional processing.

    Further transmission of information is implemented through closed banking networks of the highest level of protection. Gathering and processing the confidential data of a client (properties, passport information and others) are implemented in processing center, not on the website of service. For the protection of information from the illegal access there is a protocol SSL 3.0, used on the stage of data transmission from the client to the ASSIST system server.

    E-payments system

    Therefore, Prototypster cannot get personal and banking data of the clients, including information of their purchases made in the other shops.

    What shipping methods do you offer?
    • Pickup. You can personally come and take your order at: 630090 Russia, Novosibirsk, Inzhenernaya str., 20.
    • Russian Post (1st class dispatch).
    • PickPoint is alternative to the post and delivery with courier. Serving out is implemented through the special terminals of it in place with a high traffic. Details: http://pickpoint.ru/
    • Express-shipping with courier.
  • For Designers

    How can I display a model for sale?

    Upload the model, test it and check it for mistakes. Place the model in the section «My shop» in the Personal Account: click the link «Add to my shop», conclude an agreement with service, choose acceptable payment method, and add description of the model.

    What design reward is assigned for a model?

    Based on our job experience we offer you to get a reward at the rate 15% from the price of a model displayed at the online editor on the website.

    How is payoff of a reward carried out?

    The reward for a designer transfers in accordance with choice: to banking card or to e-purse.

    How and where can I monitor my sales?

    Your sales can be found in the section «My shop» in the personal account. For each model you can monitor a statistic of orders and payoffs.

    Can I display for sale models that are not my work of authorship?

    Yes, if you have a license (rights) for using a model.

    How can I stop selling my model?

    For the termination of sales, it is enough to delete a model from the section «My shop» in the personal account. All the orders of this model received before the date of termination will be sent to the printing and completed.