What is the key difference between Prototypster and other companies in 3D printing services? All online 3D printing services are working with private customers however are committed to working with business. Our service – on the contrary – made a step from B2B sector to B2C clients. The story has started with LOGEEKs.

LOGEEKs specializes in industrial design and manufacturing of new-to-market products. The company is widely using additive manufacturing in daily work and has rich and extensive experience in rapid prototyping. All this has played the essential role in starting the Prototypster.

Many LOGEEKs’ customers started making private orders for 3D printing. There were 3D printed replacement parts for kitchen appliances, smartphone cases and toys based on children’s drawings. Once there was a very unusual request for a bracelet in a shape of DNA molecule.

At that moment our team decided to give the new level for the 3D printing technology that is available for one and all! This is how Prototypster started – from the English word “prototype”. We have designed online-master for 3D models, launced the website, filled our online shop with a variety of 3D models.

We are excited to execute unconventional orders. The technologies and the equipment of Prototypster allows creating some really interesting and outstanding stuff.

Just take a look at our gallery of projects and you will see that we can fulfill your wildest fantasies and ideas as well!