1.1. Registration / Authorization

In order to register you should follow the link "Registration» " and fill out all the fields:

  • status – choose from the offered list;
  • login – use only Latin alphabet characters from A to Z or a-z and numbers from 0 to 9;
  • password – use only Latin alphabet characters from A to Z or a-z and numbers from 0 to 9;
  • password confirmation and e-mail address.

Then it is necessary to get acquainted with the terms of website use. Receipt of a newsletter to the indicated address is not obligatory parameter for the registration. To finish the registration follow the link “Log on”.

After the end of the registration process, you will immediately receive an email notification. For the activation of an account you have to follow the link in the e-mail.

After that you will get the access to your personal account, where you can upload a photo, add some information or change contacts and personal data.

1.2. Uploading of a model or selection from objects available on the websit

To upload a model, follow the link “Upload a file” (in the Personal account or in “3D Printing”).

On the webpage “Upload 3D model” select a file with the model and fill out all the necessary fields (name of the model, category are obligatory; tags and description are optional).

Maximum size of the uploaded file is 30 Mb. All the files exceeding this size have to be sent to mail@prototypster.ru.

Here is the list of supported file formats: 3ds, obj, stl, ply, wrl.

Name of the file has to be written by Latin alphabet, but may contain numbers.

1.3. Model size / Printing material

After model is uploaded, specify its geometry and select material (mentioning color). Accuracy of printing and mechanical features of a model depends on the material, for this reason you should be very careful by choosing one. Following the link http://prototypster.ru/gallery/materials/ you can look through the full description of materials for printing.

1.4. Errors testing and price calculation (automatically)

Your model will be available in 3d models editor after uploading process ends. Please, pay attention to shape of your model and additional messages that can appear after automatic model correction.

If there are no serious errors of the uploaded model, the price will be calculated automatically. The price includes the cost of the materials (http://prototypster.ru/gallery/materials/), manufacturing of the product and administrative costs.

1.5. Quantity

You can also specify the quantity of models to order. We have special discounts for our clients.

1.6. Shipping method and address (if applicable)

We offer you several types of shipping depending on your location: Pickup, Russian Post, PickPoint, Express-shipping with a courier. Select what suits you best and fill out the address form.

1.7. Payment method

It is possible to pay for an order by: E-money (Yandex.Money, WebMoney), Banking cards (VISA and Master Card), Bank transfer or QIWI Terminals.

Online payment service is implemented in accordance with the Rules of International Payment Systems based on maintenance of confidentiality and security of payments. Advanced methods of control, encoding and data transmission over the closed communication channel are used to guarantee last two principles.

Payment with e-money is carried out by redirection to the website of the system for e-payments Assist (www.assist.ru) or the international system PayPal (www.paypal.com). Payment by banking cards is carried out on the website of the partner bank (OAO Alfa-bank).

Therefore, Prototypster cannot get personal and banking data of the clients, including information of their purchases made in the other shops. 

1.8. Payment and confirmation of the order

Before the payment you have to be sure that all the given information is complete and correct, because after the payment is done it will be not possible to change parameters of an order. If some mistake was made during the order process, send an e-mail and tell us about it at mail@prototypster.ru. Your request will be processed within 3 workdays after which you will receive a reply e-mail. If the manufacturing of your model already started, Prototypster reserves the right not to revise the order.

After the placement of the order on the website Prototypster will send you a detailed notification with description of an order and delivery time to your e-mail address. The notification is the official confirmation of the order.

If there are some technical reasons Prototypster can cancel the order any time during calculation, order processing and manufacturing. In this case Prototypster undertakes to return you all the money you have paid for the order.

After the payment an order will be automatically send to the production. For this reason, if you decide to cancel the order, there is no way to refund money.

1.9. Returns

When receiving an order (at the pick-up point, at the post office or from the courier) you have to check integrity of the package, completeness and quality of printed models.

In case of nonconformities return the product and contact a representative of Prototypster via e-mail address on the website. An e-mail with “Return” comment has to contain the reason of return.

Prototypster undertakes to process your request within 3 workdays and contact you in case of necessity for details specification and replacement of models or money return (not including shipping costs).

General terms

As the information transmitted via the Internet is under the risk of data corruption, Prototypster does not bear responsibility for changes of information in the e-mails after they are sent.

Prototypster is not liable for any errors or problems that can appear because of the Internet use and for any risks related to transmission of confidential commercial information.

Prototypster reserves the right to change or delete any materials from the website any time.

Prototypster is able to alter terms and conditions, official announcement or any other information mentioned on the website. These changes come into force immediately after their publishing. Any further website use will be considered as acceptance of the renewed conditions.

Your personal account will be password protected. You are responsible for keeping password confidential and for all the actions that are carried out by your personal account. In case of illegal access to the personal account it is necessary to connect the Prototypster representatives immediately.

Prototypster is not and will not be liable for any losses or damages arisen as the result of inability to protect personal account and/or password. Customer is fully responsible for: 1). Providing truthful, precise, relevant and complete information in accordance with the website section “Personal account” and 2) Storage and update of information in personal account to support accuracy, relevance and completeness of information.

Prototypster reserves the right to use the email address given during the registration process to send notifications about changes in use of service and information e-mails.