Prototypster pays great attention to keeping information of the users confidential and makes all the efforts to secure, keep safe and non-disclose it.

Prototypster adheres to principles of ensuring confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, recommendations of international associations in the sphere of confidentiality and ethical norms.

Prototypster carries out gathering, keeping, processing and distributing information to give necessary services to the users.

Prototypster collects information provided by its users for service use and guarantees that no personal data will never be sold or transferred to any third party. Prototypster takes all the necessary organizational and technical precautions for the personal data security from illegal or accident access to it of any third party, from destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution and any other illegal actions.

Prototypster reserves the right to gather, process, systematize initial statistic data, use it for reports generation, research work, development of tools and services provided to the users. Collected data and received information can be kept on the website for unlimited period.

Prototypster does not sell or transfer personal data of its users.

Prototypster reserves the right to give the access to the personal data of its users if:

  • user agrees to provide such access;
  • it is required to provide Prototypster users the services of this website or trusted partner;
  • it is required by Russian legislation system or governmental authorities in accordance with law procedures.

Prototypster has the right to send e-mail newsletters with information on special offers and discounts, to reply to clients’ questions regarding order processing, use of service, requests and suggestions. All the newsletters are sent with consent of users.

If you would like to unsubscribe from newsletters, you can do it any time by using the link at the end of every email newsletter. In addition, you can unsubscribe from newsletters by sending us an e-mail with such requirement to the website email address.

Prototypster reserves the right to change and alter provisions of the present Privacy Policy.