Prototypster creates and launches its API for integration with online services and applications

We are glad to introduce API Prototypster.  It’s a major advance for our company. We hope this new tool will inspire many programmers and our authors to create the services and applications that’ll draw the 3D printing boundaries. The preference of API Prototypster is a simple and intuitive operation principle that gives an easy integration with current sites.


Prototypster has manufactured a silicone 3D model of human heart

API Prototypster. How does it work? (Technical specification)

API Prototypster is a ready procedure via our service to be used for outer software solutions like sites and apps.

You start with registration on the site. Then you need an authentication via token. After validation you can use API. Configure settings:

  • upload 3D model;
  • cost estimate (here you can use your own pricing)
  • error check;
  • ordering;
  • 3D printing.

The last step is a test. For API functional test and for process debugging we download the files simultaneously and make the order test passing, etc. It takes time but prevents the problems while you use the apps in future. After such a test the 3D printing service is able-to-get for all apps users (commonly you can see an additional button «Order 3D print» on a control panel).

Who is interested in?

  • Web site and application​

Example: 3D galleries; 3D author images sites; game characters websites; etc.

Developers for 3D files platforms are able to drive extra fellows. When you install API Prototypster your users will enjoy an additional option as 3D model printing.

API allows to shift your user to our service where checkout is completed in full. Prototypster pays the interest for app owners after each sale. Such a partnership requires a minimum for your site redesigning and on-boarding.

  • 3D online creators

Example: creators of original jewelry, customized souvenirs, smartphone cases, etc.

Online software for 3D modeling can lead to 3D printing of the users' models.

In this way you make sure work with all workflow process and brand perceptual unity. API allows to upload, check, and specify the model with the next ordering on the site owners.

Here you see, Prototypster is a creative platform. When the order is paid we get the data for 3D printing. For successful promotion of our partners we are ready to deliver all the orders with the reservation of brand name that is branded wrapping.

The prospects.

API Prototypster gives the possibility to create and to sell alive products and to use the most leading additive technologies so as to open up the new markets and to find new clients. We are planning to go further in API expansion with new functions, new options. We are ready for crossing offers.

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