3D printing opens a new era in the history of toys

Everyone likes playing games regardless of age, gender and social status. As children, we learned about the world while playing games and now, in our adulthood, these games help to create our own alternative reality so that we can forget the worries and be the Avatar. Don’t even tell you do not like games. No one is going to believe that.


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New technologies make it possible to incarnate the object from your fantasy or your favorite game. While creating your 3D-model now you are limitless in your imagination because the currently existing resources are able to materialize almost any even the most incredible idea of the game amateur.

The world's largest companies has got the trend long ago and now they are making a considerable profit and successfully taking advantage of this trend. The well-known company LEGO, for example, took out a patent for buyers to self-print LEGO bricks and units modeled by the brand.

Disney research team created a printer for printing soft fabric toys. However, they are more like a stack of glued together pieces of fabric, but such products are pleasant to touch and may also become popular on the market.

The Barbie creators and one of the largest toy companies of the world — Mattel — has teamed up with a leading software corporation Autodesk to develop a user-friendly application for people to design and 3D-print their own toys. Was not that a dream of your childhood — to create your own unique toys and pieces to play with? With such a tools one have no limit for their unique design ideas and fantasies to become true. One no longer is interested in just buying and dressing all these dolls or collecting toy robots. To design things and bring them to life — this is much more interesting now.

Showing your individuality becomes easier with 3D printing services coming to the market. Have you ever noticed your child drawing a spacecraft or building a castle from the boxes? Perhaps there is a future engineer or an architect of yours growing up, and if you want to develop his talent then it is better to give him an opportunity to design and create his own toys. The Blokify service, for example, allows creating any constructions from the blocks. Just imagine how many castles and spaceships can a child be inspired with and can build using this simple application.

In the UK they went further — children can create an exact copy of themselves! People got tired of the long-legged and perfectly built Barbie dolls and of the Winx with their big eyes and a heavy make-up, since then some entrepreneurs found out a perfect option for the children. The brand Toy Like Me was created to support children with unusual appearances and any physical disabilities. Now the kids that are different from the majority are not necessarily to play with that regular mass produced toys. Now their doll can have a prosthesis, or a crutch, or a pigmented skin — all like in the real life. Brand creators are covering two goals at one time: developing imagination of the young designers and raising their self-esteem and self-confidence.

3D technologies now make it possible not only to plunge into the magic virtual world, but also to create a digital model of your favorite computer game character and incarnate it into the real world with a help of 3D printing.

Creating a 3D-printed toy of your favorite computer game now is just easy. Mobile game developer Playtox and 3D printing service Prototypster have an example project to illustrate how your favorite game character becomes a reality. Playtox’s game titled World of Shadows has over 20 mio players. One of the most popular browser games has inspired 3D designers to create a model and 3D-print it with Prototypster 3D-service.

World of Shadows is an adventure where you can travel as a mage, warrior or monk. This mysterious world includes 6 cities, more than 500 quests, more than 1800 outfits, 21 dungeons and 200 fantastic creatures. The fantasy becomes materialized with 3D-printing abilities.

These beautiful figures, which are result of the above-mentioned cooperation, is just one example of how 3D-printing transforms your imagination into reality.


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