Prototypster and CGTrader partnership brings seamless 3D printing experience

Prototypster announces a collaboration with CG and 3D models marketplace CGTrader to make 3D printing easier for all the customers. More than 2000 3D printable CGTrader models now available on Prototypster’s marketplace to be directly 3D printed and delivered to your door.

This collaboration allows easily 3D print users' favorite CGTmodels more quickly and seamlessly right from Prototypster’s web site.

For Prototypster it is a great opportunity to expand their marketplace range with high quality 3D models bringing the best printable products to their customers without additional efforts for surfing 3D content libraries.

For CGTrader Prototypster appears as a proper platform to access a new market. Prototypster is originally based in Russia and has most of their orders from all over the country where 3D printing is just emerging and is expected to have one of the most promising growth.

CGTrader’s API allows Prototypster streamlining while saving time to the customers who wishes to purchase 3D printed end products.

To browse more new wide range of 3D printble models click here.


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