“I want to create something different, somewhat unlike anything else,” – says Valeriya Ruchyova, a novice industrial designer, about her personal approach to the profession.

A new internet shop is available on Prototypster website, where you can find unusual and funny figures of animals. Now everyone can order 3D-printing of any of these figures and of any size as a present or a souvenir. Valeriya Ruchyova, the author of the 3D animalistic collection and industrial designer has told us about herself.


An additive manufactured car model was presented at the INNOPROM-2014 Fair

— How did you get the idea of creating animal figures? What unites them?

3D Zoo

Initially there was a collection of forest inhabitants, the so-called Siberians: an elk, a beaver and a hedgehog. And then the heat of the summer gave me the idea of more exotic animals. So that’s how the collection conventionally called "Safari" appeared.

— Are you planning any development of your "animal" collection?

I imagine birds. It will be birds we all know: a sparrow, a titmouse. Though I’ve already had an image of a toucan in my head.

— How do you think, whom your 3D models will appeal to?

It is a souvenir which can dilute boring office interior and can lighten your mood. There is a child living in each of us. For example, my mother has an elk figure from my 3D collection of animals on her desktop, in spite of the fact that she is an accountant.

— Have you ever thought to widen the functionality of the toys?

As far as this product is quite fragile at the present moment, it is preferable to make 3D models of animals from other material with mobile parts of legs or paws, arms, horns etc.

— What is industrial design for you?

For me it is the process of creating the product starting from the sparkle in my head to a finished, ready-made, kind of “handy” object. Something like that.

— Which of the design disciplines are you keen on? Creating industrial objects, complicated mechanisms, vehicles or object design?

I am just a beginner, you know. What I am doing now is very interesting for me. It’s difficult for me to relate myself to a specific field of design. Who knows what I would go for.

Speaking about Design

— If a customer came to you with an absolutely new idea from a field you’ve never ever run into before, with a task to make a new car design for instance, would you assume?

That’s where exactly the fun begins. Of course there’re knowledge gaps but you can go deeper into this field and learn the peculiarities.

— Why did you choose this profession?

When I was 8, I realized I wanted to go in for design. I understood I was fond of painting. At the beginning, interiors drew my attention. Then understanding came: what you should do, what for, who all these people are – designers: industrials, graphics, decorators. And industrial design is the widest field.

— What kind of objects do inspire you, keep you motivated for success in industrial design?

To tell you the truth, I am trying not to focus on some certain things. There are so many different awesome things Russian and foreign designers do. I just don’t want to concentrate on something particular.

— What kind of thing can you evaluate as a professional? As for having a look at something and say “What a great idea!”?

My animals are cool. That’s a pretty good idea! I’m not disposed to look back on somebody and compare myself with someone. I am trying to be up-to-date. I want to create something different, somewhat unlike anything else. Without following anybody.

There are some style tendencies that are close to me. I stick to minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

— What is the use of 3D printing in industrial design?

3D printing is the most convenient way to test the new products nowadays. To see the precise prototype, it is better to use additive technologies. There’s also milling of course but it takes for too long. Using additive technologies you can make a 3D model and just the next day you can already have the result. Very easy and very convenient.

— How to make 3D printing popular among industrial designers?

How could one not be aware of additive technologies being an industrial designer? How could one not to try it just because of interest? A good industrial designer, if he or she wants to make a success, would understand that additive technologies are an irreplaceable instrument. A good industrial designer would understand the effective way to organize his/her work in order to achieve the better result. Additive technologies simplify the whole process.

— What practical product could you create using 3D printing so that then you can use it immediately?

It seems to me that people often create something they need in their lives. I have an idea to make a convenient piece for storing pens and markers in horizontal position. Such a special holder, let’s call it like this.

— Would you like to add something?

Well, I am very glad I’ve chosen the profession of an industrial designer and got a possibility to apply unique technologies in practice. This is just amazing that today it is so easy to take all the advantages of 3D printing even in everyday life!

3D-printed elephat from Prototypster



3D-printed hippopotamus from Prototypster



3D-printed giraffe from Prototypster


You can order 3D-models of animals from collections “Safari” and “Siberians” in Valeriya’s online-shop.


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