Polished polyamide


Additional polishing of a surface brings in finishing touch. 

Production time
7 working days
Base price
250 +
Price per cm³
152 /cm³
Strength: 4
Detail: 3
Smoothness: 5

Guide for designer

Max model size:
310×190×240 mm

The maximum dimensions of the model are determined by the size of the camera of a printer that is used for printing.

Make sure that your model fits the specified dimensions. You can reduce the overall size of the model by scaling it, removing protruding parts or making a collapsible model.

Min model size:
7×7×7 mm

The minimum dimensions of the model are determined by printing quality of a printer.

Make sure that your model fits the specified dimensions. You can increase the overall size of the model by changing the scale, combining or increasing the fragements or try to use material with a lower minimum size.

Min wall thickness
0,8 mm
Min supported wires
1 mm
Min unsupported wall thickness
1,5 mm
Min embossed detail
0,5 mm
Min escape holes
2 mm

If the model contains hollow spaces they will be filled with powder while printing. To clean the product of excess material it is necessary to provide holes. In the case of large cavities, it is recommended to make several holes in the construction.

Min clearance
0,5 mm

If the model contains several functional parts, it is necessary to provide sufficient distance between them, otherwise, the powder may fill the gaps, or in the process of printing parts will be merged.

Material properties

  • 1. Good chemical resistance
  • 2. Durability
  • 3. Highly detailed print
  • 4. Good workability and adhesion with colorants
  • 5. Biocompatibility in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1 and USP / level VI / 121 ° C
  • 6. Polyamide retains its properties up to 160 ℃ (the softening temperature). Higher temperatures may considerably alter the properties of the material.

Printing technology

Models are made from white well-granulated powder. Print technology used is layered laser sintering. The layer thickness is 0.1 mm. In some cases, the "effect of the stairs" can be seen on models. The intensity of this effect depends on position of a model on the printing table during production.

Our experts will try to orient the model optimally to maximize flat and smooth surface and an attractive appearance.

Additional information

  • 1. Polyamide can be used for the manufacture of complex design products, technological prototypes and functional models. This material gives an extraordinary creative freedom in the creation of any design.
  • 2. Products made of polyamide have the ability to absorb moisture, so we do not recommend the use of such models for the storage and transport of liquids.